Libby Heaney

I spoke to Liz Ann Bennett at White Noise magazine about the forthcoming exhibition in White City and this is what she had to say:

When I first heard that the RCA was running a project called Quantum Computer Art, I had questions. Questions like: have quantum computers even been invented yet? (They have, sort of.) And: how is it possible to make art using particles that change if you look at them? So it was a relief to hear that Dr Libby Heaney, the quantum physicist-turned-artist behind the project, had been asking herself some of the same questions. Not only that, but she and the RCA students taking part in Quantum Computer Art would be answering them on Thursday 11th May in a seminar at the V&A.

The emergent, half-formed nature of quantum computing is a feature here, not a hinderance. The very appeal of the project for Heaney was to toy with the far side of technological possibility. She was inspired by the V&A’s collection of early computer art to create work that is just as ahead of its time now as those pieces were in the 1960s. Besides, she and her student teams have the opportunity to forge ahead into a field that no one else has. It’s an opportunity that comes with strange responsibilities, she explains, imposing a rigour on their practice more usual in science than art.

The full article can be found here.