Entangled: Art, Science and Quantum Computing. IED students of the Royal College of Art exhibit work in White City, London. 8/06/17

Systems Research Group members exhibited their artworks from the collaboration with the Centre for Quantum Photonics at the University of Bristol at White City Place last week.  The works collectively explore how early stage quantum technologies might be employed in individual creative practices. Nibbles – Documentation of an artwork made by a quantum computer – […]


Libby Heaney Last week the Systems Research Group presented the outcomes of the research project Quantum Computer Art at the V&A museum, London. The talk questioned how can we move beyond the cliched illusions of quantum science to explore new aesthetics and apply quantum thinking to other fields.  As a group we also began to question the importance of […]

Libby Heaney I spoke to Liz Ann Bennett at White Noise magazine about the forthcoming exhibition in White City and this is what she had to say: When I first heard that the RCA was running a project called Quantum Computer Art, I had questions. Questions like: have quantum computers even been invented yet? (They […]


Libby Heaney Following on from the critique two weeks ago, we will take a brief look at four of the works in progress in relation to pieces from the V&A collection suggested by the curators Melanie Lenz and Douglas Dodds after seeing our works. The artworks from the V&A collection do not refer directly to quantum physics/quantum computing, but […]

SRG is part of the IED programme at the RCA.