Libby Heaney Following on from the critique two weeks ago, we will take a brief look at four of the works in progress in relation to pieces from the V&A collection suggested by the curators Melanie Lenz and Douglas Dodds after seeing our works. The artworks from the V&A collection do not refer directly to quantum physics/quantum computing, but […]

Quantum Gardening

Amanda Baum, Rose Leahy, Rob Walker (collaborating with Jeremy Adcock and Sam Morley-Short) How can we imagine a future where the quantum turn has transformed quantum computing from a tool of classical acceleration into a genuinely new epoch? From our early conversations we found the proposed uses for quantum computing – breaking cryptography, building new […]


Libby Heaney On Thursday 1st March, members of the Systems Research Group met to discuss their work in progress.  Being half way through the quantum computer art collaboration it was a good time to take pause to reflect on the outcomes so far, to analyse any emerging aesthetics, approaches and themes and to discuss the […]

SRG is part of the IED programme at the RCA.