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Maria Euler, Yang He Xiang This collaboration provides the space to explore new models, concepts and vocabularies to develop and analyse art and design practice in dialogue with quantum physics. Our role is to pose questions from multiple perspectives. To be able to “test” (not just simulate) the metaphors and ideas that arise from that against the […]


Marcela Uribe Fores, Thibaut Evrard, Taeyoung Choi, Louis Schreyer Quantum mechanics as well as computing are mind-reveling subjects both in Art and Science.  We have been fascinated by the paradoxes and complexities that come out of any quantum experiment, and how they are all inter-related in an infinite spiral of questions about reality and substance […]


Libby Heaney Members of the Systems Research Group visited Carroll/Fletcher gallery yesterday evening to hear V&A senior curator Douglas Dodds in conversation with computer artist Manfred Mohr.  To kick off the quantum computer art research project, we visited the V&A to hear Douglas Dodds and Melanie Lenz speak about the early computer art pieces and […]

SRG is part of the IED programme at the RCA.